About Us

Selling At Auction Is Our Profession

Wiggins Auctioneers, LLC is well-known in the field of auctioneering. We are a company that is made up of experienced & skilled auctioneers and marketing professionals.  By our standards, an auctioneer is a professional who studies and keeps abreast of market values and methods. We can effectively produce a positive sales campaign to profitably market your assets.

Now, more than ever, choosing the right auction company can be the most important decision you make! Auctions have always been an important facet in the  marketplace, but the right auction company merchandising your assets can mean thousands of dollars (even hundreds of thousands) to the bottom line! There are many auction companies doing the same thing they have done for years. Don't be misled! In today's fluctuating and complex marketplace, you can't afford average performance and traditional marketing methods. We are  innovators in the sale of real estate and equipment... experts in reaching the  most qualified buyers!

Act now to take advantage of a proven marketing concept. A phone call to Wiggins Auctioneers, for a free confidential consultation, could be the initial step to eliminating a costly and lengthy holding period of your property!

At Wiggins Auctioneers, LLC, Our Philosophy is to provide our clients with the best possible service:

  • FREE Confidential Consultation
  • Professional & Knowledgeable Auctioneers/Auction Managers
  • Award-Winning Marketing Team
  • Impressively Illustrated Brochures
  • Reaching the Most Qualified Buyers
  • Substantial Web and Social Media Presence
  • Cost Effective Operations/Fiscal Responsibility
  • Experienced Setup & Assist Personnel
  • Advanced/Modern Auction Equipment
  • Continuing Education of Marketing and Real Estate Methods
  • A Commitment to Excellence

Our Team

Perry WigginsPerry Wiggins - CAI, AARE

Broker Associate, Founder, Auctioneer

Cell: (580) 541-7942
Email: [email protected]

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Beverly WigginsBeverly Wiggins - AARE

Broker Associate, Founder

Office: (580) 233-3066

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Vicki Wiggins AllenVicki Wiggins Allen - CAI, AARE

Broker, Auction Marketing Consultant, Auctioneer

Cell: (580) 554-4400
Email: [email protected]

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Kim AllenKim Allen - IFA, PRI, CAI

Co-Broker, Appraiser, Auction Marketing Consultant, Auctioneer

Cell: (580) 541-3180
Office: (580) 234-4666
Email: [email protected]

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Lynsie SturgeonLynsie Sturgeon

Auction Marketing Consultant, Sales Associate, Real Estate & Chattel Property Closing Coordinator

Cell: (580) 554-2633
Email: [email protected]

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Quentin SturgeonQuentin Sturgeon, PRI

Auction Marketing Consultant, Auctioneer, Sales Associate

Cell: (580) 554-7133

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Jeff CrissupJeff Crissup - CAI, AARE, PRI

Auction Marketing Consultant, Auctioneer, Sales Associate

Cell: (580) 541-9246
Office: (580) 233-3066
Email: [email protected]

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Adam MartensAdam Martins

Auction Marketing Consultant, Auctioneer, Sales Associate

Cell: (580) 744-0194
Email: [email protected]

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Cherokee HenryCherokee Henry

Auction Marketing Consultant, Sales Associate

Cell: (580) 541-7729
Email: [email protected]

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Justin ChoateJustin Choate

Auction Manager, Auctioneer, Sales Associate

Cell: (405) 853-5335

Kendall Decker

Auction Manager, Auctioneer

Cell: (580) 231-0469

Otis Munkres

Broker Associate, Auction Manager

Cell: (580) 554-7006

Patrick Dinnin Staff PicPatrick Dinnin

Director of Marketing

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (580) 233-3066

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