Buying at Auction

Auctions are a great way to purchase real estate, allowing potential buyers to bid to their comfort level in a fair and equal environment. The potential buyers determine fair market value through competitive bidding, streamlining the process for a timely transaction and eliminating negotiation periods. Wiggins Auctioneers, LLC has a sales success rate of approx. 98%, meaning we most often reach our seller’s expectations, ultimately satisfying buyers and sellers. By participating in an auction, bidders agree that their bid IS NOT subject to their ability to secure financing. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all bidders arrange any financing needed to close the transaction prior to placing any bids at the auction. Prepared information packets are available to potential buyers prior to auction day at their request. We encourage interested parties to arrive 30-45 minutes early to our auction event, in order to make themselves comfortable and to review the information provided. Our professional and approachable team will be available throughout the process to answer any questions and assist with bidding.

After obtaining a high bid at auction and upon seller confirmation, Wiggins representatives will assist with contracts and the proper paperwork to proceed with the transaction. Our streamlined process allows most properties to close within 30 days. We will remain in close contact with the closing agent and assist throughout the sale transaction, striving to make every buyer’s experience- a great one!

We would like to thank the following for their professional services to our many customers & clients