Mineral Rights Auctions in Oklahoma

Oklahoma sits on one of the largest deposits of fossil fuels in the world. That's why the energy industry is so crucial to our economy. Throughout the state of Oklahoma, oil and gas are produced in nearly 40 counties.

A map of Oklahoma shows the top counties for mineral extraction

Throughout Oklahoma, you are allowed to own surface property and mineral rights separately, a classification known as a "separate estate." The sale of surface rights does not mean the mineral rights will come along with it and vice versa. If you own both the surface rights and mineral rights to your property, you can market off your mineral rights through auction, while retaining the surface property or market both mineral rights and surface property separately.

To calculate the estimated value of your mineral rights, several things must be considered. Pricing can be affected by current commodities markets, geographical location, and existing oil and gas production in the area.

Oklahoma Mineral Auctions

Wiggins Auctioneers is a qualified, trustworthy partner to help sell your mineral rights in Oklahoma. Our years of experience in all types of auctions give Wiggins an advantage when it comes to an understanding of the laws and geography of Oklahoma. Since 1963, it has been our goal to help you get the best possible price for the mineral rights of your property.

While other auctioneers could help you sell your mineral rights, many of them will not have the same connections as our Enid, Oklahoma-based team. Getting the best marketing for your mineral rights auction, distributed to all the right buyers, is the only way to get the maximum price in the market. 

An oil pump installed by a mineral rights owner in an Oklahoma field

There may be advantages to selling your mineral rights, and we can help you reap all of the benefits. In the state of Oklahoma, mineral rights laws can vary from county to county. That's why it's essential to have a local team, helping you with the process. If you have questions about selling your mineral rights, feel free to call Wiggins Auctioneers today.

Once you have decided to sell your mineral rights, selling them at auction is one of the best ways to make sure you get the maximum value. Auctions-based sales are often the best way to secure the highest market price for your mineral rights.

Selling Your Mineral Rights in Oklahoma

Even if someone has already offered to buy the mineral rights for one of your properties, selling them at an auction will typically get you a much better price. If you need to sell your mineral rights quickly, the auction method of marketing streamlines the process. You want your mineral rights sale to be in front of as many buyers as possible. When those buyers bid for the rights, the seller is typically the real winner.

When you choose Wiggins Auctioneers to sell your mineral rights, you can be assured of transparency throughout the entire process, no secret deals, and no secret buyers. Just a transparent, open process that's easy to understand by all parties.

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